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87293654f106Hello and welcome the the Stine website where you will find a vast array of different topics, interests, and life stories. We are currently redesigning the site and hope to have it complete be the end of April 2017. Sam and the kids will be running it fully by then too.

Ever since the late 80’s Wanda and I have been an item. Yes, we have been together that long and in August of 1990 we became husband and wife and it has been a wondrous adventure. We have been through many hills and valleys and we still stand side by side.

We are first and foremost a Christian family and strive to live by strong Christian standards. We home-school and we are involved with the Christian community as much as we can be. We seek to honor God in how we live and in what we do.

We are not a family of high means. We are a humble family that depends on God’s provisions each and everyday. We are conservatives and we love our country but hate the state that it is in. It is our hope that with the new president that there will be some big changes and that there would be a revival in the land.

Please take the time and look around. If you are interested in art, music, computers, airsoft, shooting, and much more… there is definitely areas for you to explore. This site is run and managed by the whole family and is part of a learning experience.

This is the whole family including our son in law, Jake.
This is the whole family including our son in law, Jake.

Having a large family is magical and with it comes the diversity of personalities and interests. Some of those interests are listed below. This gives the family members a chance to express themselves while learning about creating on the web. We hope in some categories such as airsoft to bring interest in the community and develop the sport as it has not really taken a foothold yet.





Shooting and Hunting

Star Wars



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