The Clock Is Ticking by Millie

The clock is ticking,
and the angels await,
and through and through
unto that date,

When the war begins,
Between dark and light
and there won’t be peace,
day or night.

you may find yourself,
at the end of a gun,
a guillotine, a blade

But know the war,
is already won,
And you are safe that day.

So hold your heads high,
and look to the sky,
see Him on a cloud,

Now straighten your back,
hold up high your chin
and proclaim so loud,

That God is king,
over everything
and nothing will prevail

Against the Almighty,
who is glory
King over Heaven, earth and hell.

Where you will shed no tears
and have no anger or pain
These will be the ‘Victorious seven years’
Where there is a KING, Jesus will reign.

The tribulation, comes with a cost
Your very own death of your faith
or seeing the dying, the dead and lost,
and understanding earths fate.

But, again, do not worry.
don’t be sad, or faithless.
Jesus said, “whom is
persecuted because of me, be blessed.”