Imagine the scene; you and your team have the mission of rescuing a family being held hostage by a radical Islamic terrorist group. There are in a heavily fortified area with at least thirty to fifty troops bearing a variety of small arms to heavy machine guns and grenade launchers. Intelligence has informed you that it appears the family; missionaries from the United States are due to be executed in one week if certain Islamic prisoners are not freed from United States holding facilities. You and your team are not going to negotiate with these thugs and you are not going to let that family die. It’s up to you and your team to save the missionaries and send as many of these thugs to Allah as you can.

Intelligence gathered by satellite indicates an open area just before the compound that is protected by a team of snipers. Going around the area is not possible. Geographically the only way to get to the detention area is going through the sniper protected area. It is estimated that at any given time there are four to six snipers deployed to try to cover as many blind spots as possible. The
reason we also know about the snipers is that reports of civilians who wander into the area are often shot at or they are killed when they have wandered too deeply into the Kill Zone which we call Kill
Zone Alpha or simply KZA.

The compound itself has three major structures; an abandoned three story school, an administration building, and a small house converted into a command and housing center for the leaders. The school is where the family is being held in the basement area that has been converted into a detention area. There are no entrances or windows for the basement. Intelligence has determined that the there is an entrance to the basement near the rear entrance to the building by the truck unloading area. The main entrance and the loading area have no fewer than four soldiers guarding it at any given time. The family is the primary mission.

The administration building is a secondary target if you have the extra manpower to eliminate any personnel in the building. It will take no less than ten men to carry out this mission. If you do not
have the men then forgo this mission. If you have the men to carry out this mission then once the missionary family is secured and you have your men set aside to escort the family to Landing Zone
Alpha (LZA) then remaining troops are to focus on the smaller building eliminating any enemy personnel there and rendering assistance to team two taking the administration building. No
prisoners are to be taken.

Again- no prisoners are to be taken.
The mission is to be launched at 04:00 hours and must be completed by 04:15