Christians and Guns

original - Jim CQB Loadout - 15Hey, you are a Christian; you aren’t supposed to like guns!

Have you ever heard that before? I hear it every so often. Skeptics and doubters will use that topic to create a dialog with an intent and purpose to show that I am not really a Christian or that I am a hypocrite. I actually use it as an opportunity to share my faith!

I want to take an opportunity to address this issue here.

Let me first make a distinction between airsoft guns and real steel guns. Airsoft guns are meant for non-lethal sport purposes whereas real steel guns are meant to inflict harm and even death. I will address my point of view on both airsoft and real steel from a solidly rooted Christian perspective. This is my own convictions and do not reflect all Christians, after all many Christians think I am not a Christian because I do like guns.

God created males and females to be different. Males have a built in warrior system that causes them to be adventurous risk takers and makes them defenders and champions. That is what makes us competitive and causes us to strive to be the best and succeed. That internal wiring that God has given us causes us to have a fascination with dangerous things, destructive things, and things that can easily take our lives away. Airplanes, motorcycles, guns are some of the things and activities such as rappelling, spelunking, sky diving, are some of the activities we enjoy. Not too many girls share this interest.

Throughout history war has been an ugly reality. No matter how many ‘peace-people’ are out there you will never ever be able to stop wars. Only Jesus Christ Himself will bring an end to that when He returns. But, it is not war and bloodshed that attracts me personally to guns. In fact, guns have nothing to do what-so-ever with killing or injuring a person. It is just the fact that guns are a tool of sport, power, and skill. I know many individuals that have guns but are not killers and have not even used their weapons against another human. There is a hobby aspect to the guns with a perk of personal and home protection.

RIA M1911A1 GI Standard Full Size
RIA M1911A1 GI Standard Full Size

Are guns evil? No. One thing about people- they like to control other people even when they do not realize they are doing it. You get enough paranoid people together and you get them to rally against any particular cause you create this atmosphere of a righteous do-gooders helping the good of mankind. At least they think they are. But then they begin building cases against ‘whatever’ it is they want to see changed. Guns are falling into that fate. People thinking they are doing good by banning or controlling guns have actually made things far worse for everyone- including themselves. But, I am starting to migrate away from my immediate points here.

Guns are not evil any more than hammers are evil. Saying a gun is dangerous and should be banned is like saying kitchen knives are dangerous and thus should be banned. It is ridiculous to say that. But, how many murders each year are committed by things such as kitchen knives, rope, wire, panty hose, poisons, automobiles and even bare hands- see where I am going here? Yeah, when you really look at it logically it absolutely makes no sense to control guns. In fact, I believe that if more people owned guns there would be far more deterrents to various crimes. Would you be as likely to confront and be rude and over bearing to someone you may have a disagreement with if you knew they had a nasty little .38 Special tucked in their trousers? No, you wouldn’t. You would be more prone to utilize a large degree of restraint and manners. Yes? OK, I think I have pretty much explained myself about the issues of right and wrongs concerning guns. But let me get to the personal points of guns and why I like them.

Impressive Colt markings
Impressive Colt markings

When I was a young boy I was fascinated and drawn to weapons that were distance weapons. Meaning, I was afraid of melee weapons like knives, swords, staffs, clubs- you know, warrior weapons. But I did like guns, bows, slingshots, and even things like boomerangs. It was the challenge of not brute strength, but of skill and knowledge. For me, to hit a moving target from several hundred feet away posed a satisfaction than running it down and stabbing it to death or battling hand to hand. It’s just me. I’m just that way. A melee warrior knows his own physical and emotional limitations where-as a range warrior is mindful of his limitations, his weapons characteristics, the environment, and even the fact the enemy may also be using similar weapons against you.

There are as many different types, shapes, and sizes of guns- guns for many different kinds of purposes and to achieve many different types of results. You can custom modify and adapt guns for any environment and any scenario. There is ammunition for every purpose as well. Bullets to explode, burn, illuminate, stun, penetrate, and mortally wound. The gun is a tool for many purposes- from hunting food, to eliminating threats, to personal safety. Yep, that is what it boils down to- a gun is simply a tool. Like any tool you have to treat it with respect and care. You have to keep safety first and foremost in your mind and you have to remember that guns have an appeal to them. Meaning, kids are fascinated with them and like to touch and handle them. But, using proper precautions just like you would do with a kitchen knife, an electric saw, a can of poison, and you exercise extreme care for the storage and usage, everything will be just fine.

Am I not a Christian because I like guns? Are you not a Christian because you like secular music, theater, sports, hunting, or whatever? The idea someone is not a Christian is preposterous and the Christian making the claim really needs to do a check up on their own heart and doctrine.